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STEVE FORD: Getting to the Top with Character and Leadership



Steve Ford

Getting to the Top with Character and Leadership

Son of President Gerald Ford and Betty Ford
Successful Actor
Popular Keynote Speaker

Clients consistently rate Steve Ford as one of the top speakers on the circuit.

Steve is the best there is!  There is no way you can put a price on perfection but I can guarantee that you will receive a gift to be treasured and you will hear only great comments from each and every person that is fortunate enough to be in attendance…if you are planning an event and want it to be a success, you must use Steve Ford…”                     Community Bankers Association of Alabama

You connected with everyone – women, men, adults and children…the messages of courage and confidence you learned from your mother; the leadership you saw in your father…inspirational and entertaining…my highest recommendation.” Girl Scouts of Palm Glades Council

“You are one of the nicest, lowest maintenance and cooperative speakers that I have had the pleasure of working with…funny and poignant…powerful message Texas Credit Union League

“One of our employees commented that she was so touched by all of your positive references to your family and the impact they have had upon your life.  You remind us all of the difference one person can have on the lives of others.  I highly recommend you to any group or organization!”                                           Cal Poly Corporation


To View Steve's Demo Video, Click This Link: 

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