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Entertainers at Spotlight

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Billy Dean
(Watch Video)

Keith Matheny
Bill Cosby
Mike Armstrong Carl Andrews
(Watch Video)
Louis Prima Jr. Jeff Foxworthy The Lettermen Mac King

Nick Lakin

Robert Strong Mike Redmond Randy Montgomery Look-a-Likes
Gordie Brown Tim Cavanaagh Lee Cole Roy Firestone
David Pendleton Mack & Jamie
Hawaiian Luau
The Marlins The Association Festival Band
Listen (MP3)
Casino Parties


More Entertainers

Amazing Jonathan
Steve Hart
Nick Lewin
John Measner
Glenn Strange
Stuart & Lori
Alligator Brothers
Buck Ram Platters
Castle Family
Chicago Jump Company
Big City Swing
Jimmy Church Band
Duke Tomatoe
The Duttons
Flash Cadillac
Fabulous Expressions
Fat Ammon's Band
First Impression
Five Easy Pieces
Glenn Miller Orchestra
Tom & Beverly Grant
Group Therapy
Guy Lombardo Orchestra
The Impressions
Indy Express

David Garrard
Lil' Elmo
Murray Brothers
Nelson Riddle Orchestra
New Odyssey
Papa Doo Run Run
Pink Flamingos
Royal Crown Revue
Sha Na Na
Shaken Not Stirred
Tommy Dorsey Orchestra
Chris Alpine
Louie Anderson
Heywood Banks
Chris Bliss
Elayne Boosler
David Brenner
Capitol Steps
Tim Cavanaugh
Ron Dentinger
Phyllis Diller
Royce Elliott
Bill Engvall
Jim Gossett

James Gregory
Dick Hardwick
Frank King
Robert Klein
Rich Little
Mack & Jamie
Damian Mason
(as Bill Clinton)
Kelly McDonald
Randy Montgomery
Gary Mule Deer
Valery Pappas
Paula Poundstone
Marty Putz
Rita Rudner
Mark Russell
Mark Schiff
Greg Schwem
Ken Sevara
Smothers Brothers

Spittin' Image
Williams & Ree
Carl Wolfson
Voltage Brothers



Christopher Carter (Mentalist/Hypnotist)
Jeff Dunham (Comedy Ventriloquist)
Gil Eagles (Mentalist/Hypnotist)
Danny Gans (Singing Impressionist)
Jim Gossett (Comedy Impressionist)
Wes Harrison (Mr. Sound Effects)
Andy Head (Juggler)
Higa (Ilusions)
Eddie Jaye (Comedy Ventriloquist)
Jay Johnson (Comedy Ventriloquist)
Ross Johnson (Mentalist)
Dale Jones (One-Arm Juggler)
Ricky Kalmon (Hypnotist)
Craig Karges (Mentalist)
Ronn Lucas (Comedy Ventriloquist)
Melchior Marionettes
Passing Zone (Comedy Juggling Team)
Tom Powell (Millionaire Pickpocket)
Scott Record (Singing Impressionist)
Joel Taylor (Juggler)
Ken Whitener (Hypnotist)
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Mike Ditka   Speaker

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Mike Ditka
Diamonds   Musical artists

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Greg Hahn   Speaker

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Greg Hahn
Christian & Katalina   Magicians

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Christian & Katalina
Steve Ford   Speaker

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Steve Ford
Ira Blumenthal   Speaker

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Ira Blumenthal

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