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Speakers at Spotlight

Whether you need a business speaker or a sports personality, we have it all. Contact us for recommendations to select just the right speaker for your special event.

Below is just a sample of what we have to offer...

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Stephanie McWilliams
Mike Redmond Anne Ryder Dick Wolfsie
Dr. Patch Adams Steve Alford Don Shula
Lee Corso Larry Johnson Blaise Winter Terry Bowden Charlie Adams

Jim Bouton Barry Green Emory Austin Eric Boles

Barry Krauss Mark Mayfield Mike Schlappi
Barbara Sanfilippo Tom Wright

Dr. Jack Singer


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Mike Ditka   Speaker

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Mike Ditka
Diamonds   Musical artists

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Greg Hahn   Speaker

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Greg Hahn
Christian & Katalina   Magicians

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Christian & Katalina
Steve Ford   Speaker

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Steve Ford
Ira Blumenthal   Speaker

learn more...
Ira Blumenthal

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