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Steve 'Papaw' Pyatte - Speaker / Humorist

The Man Behind the Name

We have all heard the saying, “stepping outside of the box”.

As a young boy, not even knowing what the “box” was, Steve ‘Papaw’ Pyatte stepped outside of it quite frequently. Stepping outside of his box back then was quite simple. Sometimes, he rode his bicycle over the box and flattened it completely. He loved riding his bicycle as fast as it would go. The sides, bottom and top of the box easily expanded and accommodated every twist, turn, and speed bump. At other times the box got in his way and caused some damage. As a young man he continued to mess with the box in ways he should not have, made wrong choices and pedaled his way down some very bumpy roads.

As he got older, he took several wrong turns, hit many speed bumps and almost lost his way back home. The throttle was wide open, but the brakes had stopped working. Decades, and many detours later, the bicycle has been replaced with a motorcycle and the fuzzy face of adolescence has grown into a rather unique mustache. The box still exists, of course, but Papaw has learned how to shape it into many wonderful things to accommodate life. Memories of the mistakes he made back then are still with him, but rather than dwell on the negative actions and mistakes of his past, Papaw has chosen to view them instead as teachable moments. Today, as a nationally decorated Motorcycle Safety Instructor, published author, screenplay writer, film producer, director, actor, web designer, and motivational speaker, Papaw passes on the lessons in positive choices that took him so long to learn. He encourages his audiences - by words and example - to step outside of their box to read the instructions on leading a productive life.

His first book, Don't Judge A Book By Its Cover - Giving Back Love and Respect, is a testimonial to what can be done when you set goals and move forward with determination. Steve shares this message with everyone he comes in contact with by not only talking the talk, but also walking the walk. Talk with Papaw; walk with Papaw, and in the process, learn why you can't judge a book by its cover.

Papaw is not a follower, but a leader - a pied piper of sorts. Step in line as he invites you to listen to your own music and encourages each and every audience member to sing his or her own song. The tune can be quite wonderful.

Fee: Call for fees

Drugs & Alcohol, Motivation
Goal Setting
Leadership Skills
Underage Drinking
Drinking and Driving
Peer Pressure
Respect in Friendship
Motorist Awareness
Motorcycle Safety

Industry specialties:
Educational institutions

Travels from:

Published author
Film producer/director/actor
National award winning
motorcycle safety instructor

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